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OCR’s global security and risk services specialize in helping organizations manage political and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth operational expertise, handling sensitive political issues and providing unmatched practical on-the-ground protection, mission support, and logistics. Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can effectively solve problems.


  • Highly trained, vetted physical security providers
  • Former Special Operations, Police & Security Professionals
  • Regionally Oriented – Local Knowledge, Language Skills, Customs, Law Enforcement and Political Connections


  • Personnel Protective Operations
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Close Protection of Key Personnel and Stakeholders
  • Dignitaries
  • Diplomats
  • Mission Essential Personnel
  • Emergency Response/Evacuation
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Political Evacuation
  • Natural Disaster Recovery
  • Special Purpose/Quick Reaction
  • Motorcade/Convoy Operations
  • Aviation Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Travel Security
  • Emergency Extraction, Risk Mitigation, Car and Driver, Personal Security Details, Security Surveys, Training


  • Security Personnel
  • Specialized Program Development
  • High-Risk Operations
  • Emergency Extractions and Evacuations
  • Counter Terrorism (C/T) Operations
  • Counter Insurgency (COIN) Operations
  • Bio-hazard HAZMAT Response
  • Emergency and Critical Response Operations
  • Strategic and Emergency Communications
  • Law Enforcement Operations
  • EOD Operations
  • Intelligence Networks
  • Fusion Centers
  • Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Protection