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OCR supplies a wide variety of weapons and weapon accessories to support infantry, artillery, and air defense missions. Weapons are produced by leading overseas manufacturers and is closely monitored by OCR’s in-country representatives, ensuring that all weapons and accessories comply with designer Technical Data Package requirements. As with our ammunition procurement, all weapons undergo the manufacturer – as well as OCR’s – rigorous quality assurance process. OCR is proud to provide weapon solutions that include 7.62 x 39mm assault rifles and medium machine guns, 12.7 x 108mm heavy machine guns, 14.5 x 114mm anti-materiel rifles, 60, 82 and 120mm mortar systems, rocket propelled grenades, recoilless rifles and 122 and 152mm howitzer systems. OCR also procures a full range of crew served weapon systems and has the flexibility to produce other weapons as needed by the customer.


Pistols Standard and Non-Standard models
Assault & Sniper Rifles AK-47, AK-74, PSL, M91, AR-10, AR-15
Shotguns Military and Law Enforcement models


Machine Guns Sub-machine and Light: RPK, PKM, PKT, AKM, HP 7.62, M2, M4, YAK-B
Heavy Machine Guns DShK, NSV, KPV, KPVT, ZPU
Mortar Weapon Systems 60 mm MWS: standard and non, 81/82 mm MWS, 120 mm MWS; standard and non
Grenade & Rocket Launchers MANPADS, RPG-7, SPG-9, AGS-17/30, BGA-30, GP-25/30
Howitzers, Artillery & Cannons ZU-23, 122 & 152 mm Howitzer Systems
Naval Cannons 27mm, 30mm, 40 mm, Single and Twin