Daniel Casey Missal

Vice President

Governance & Analytics

As Vice-President of Governance & Analytics, Mr. Missal oversees policy, communication, risk, document, and change management practices to improve efficiency and reporting. Mr. Missal facilitates business unit alignment into a single governance framework, to improve organizational transparency and performance. In his 30-year career, Mr. Missal focused on process efficiency and best practices integration to deliver solutions and offerings. His knowledge of technology and development results in enterprise solutions that automate and standardize processes, reduce errors and inefficiencies, realizes measurable and sustainable financial results, and produces improved transparency, quality, reporting, and labor utilization. His technical and leadership experience includes development of comprehensive cloud-based transformation strategies, envisioning and overseeing development of an automated internet backbone troubleshooting and customer interface system which realized cost savings associate with a 70% reduction of human involvement.

Tim Allen

Vice President Quality & Risk Management Weapons & Ammunition

Tim Allen serves as Vice President of Quality and Risk Management for OCR. In this position Tim works directly with foreign governmental agencies and private companies acquiring and executing U.S. Department of Defense non-standard ammunition and weapons program operations.

Tim has 23 years of U.S. military experience in military supported management, logistical services, training and operations serving in Infantry, Artillery, Combat Support Units and Special Operations Units. With multiple deployments has demonstrated a strong and diverse background in Operational Logistics Support and services with foreign armies. He has continued working in the private sector in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has held numerous professional leadership positions, including Military Operations Manager, Military Procurement Manager, Ammunition and Fuel Manager, Physical Security Manager, Site Operations Manager, Site Logistics Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Military Logistics Director of Regional Training. He has extensive Operational Strategic Planning and Operational Logistics Support background, including working with Customs Clearing Agents, clearing a multitude of various configured material from sea, land and air ports of entry. Tim has a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, from Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Training and Development, from Louisville, Kentucky. PMP Certification from Villanova University, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Villanova University, Government Contracting, Project Management, Team Effectiveness Certifications from Villanova University.